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Every year, 20% of fresh fruits and veggies grown in the US go to waste for being too “ugly” to meet supermarkets’ strict appearance standards.
This perfectly delicious, nutritious produce gets left in the field or dumped into landfills where it generates toxic methane emissions. All of the water, land, and chemical inputs used to grow and ship this unused food also go to waste in the process.
Meanwhile, over 48 million Americans are food insecure, and many more Americans struggle to access fresh foods due to time, transportation, or budget constraints.
Hunger in America can be eradicated if we find a way to reduce, reuse, and repurpose all of the quality food at risk of going to waste!
Ungraded Produce addresses these major inefficiencies in the farm-to-table pipeline.
We rescue ‘at risk’ ugly produce from going to waste, handpack this produce into boxes, and deliver it to customers’ doors for 30-50% cheaper than supermarket alternatives. We also donate produce to local pantries for each box sold.
With every subscription, our customers are helping us in our pursuit to pay farmers fairly for their viable products, improve food access locally, and provide jobs for members of our community!
This past year, we rescued over 40,000 pounds of ugly produce from going to waste, and donated an additional 4,700 pounds to local hunger relief organizations.
It’s a simple, delicious solution.
Choose ugly produce to help build a more sustainable, equitable food system! Join us today and together, we can make an edible impact!
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